PTFE sealing belt

PTFE sealing belt

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Production Capacity: 120000PCS per week Thickness:0.2mm Material: PTFE coated fiberglass fabric
Colour: Brown Temperature Resistance: -60~260 Transport Package: Carton
Specification: Perimeter 710-1710mm Application: Widely used in capping machines for plastic bags.  

PTFE seamless sealing belt's Features:

- Dimensional stability, high intensity

- Continuous work under -70 to 260 celsius

- Low coefficient of friction and conductivity

- Non-flammable, non stick

- Good corrosion resistance, it can resist all most of chemical medicines, acids, alkalis, and salt.

- It is widely used in capping machines for plastic bags.


Features / Benefits of teflon sealing belts

- Constructed with two layers of PTFE coated glass cloth laminated together they benefit from being free of any step at the joint area that could leave a mark off.

- The premium grade PTFE used to manufacture the belts has a non stick, high temperature resistant surface that prevents any molten plastics from building up on the belts surface.



High volume bag manufacturing systems often use these types of belts running as a pair creating a clamping effect on the bag. These belts can also be found on air fill or air cushioning packaging machines as a means of allowing continues heat sealing to take place without molton plastic sticking to the belt.

Sealer belts tend to be two belts that run in tandem on the conveyor with a hot-plate that sits in contact with the inside of the belts as they run. The heat transfers through the belts surface sealing the plastic bag as it conveys it through the machine.

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