What are the advantages of ptfe board in insulation strength?


ptfe has corrosion resistance to organic solvents such […]

ptfe has corrosion resistance to organic solvents such as ketones and alcohols, but some aromatic compounds will slightly swell ptfe. Only molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine can act on them at high temperatures. It is one of the fluoroplastics used for sealing.



Teflon takes carbon atoms as the skeleton, and fluorine atoms are symmetrically and evenly distributed around, forming a tight barrier. The aging furnace has a very valuable comprehensive physical and mechanical properties. Teflon has high corrosion resistance to strong acids, strong alkalis, and strong oxidants. Even at high temperatures, its corrosion resistance even exceeds that of glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and even gold and platinum. It is known as the "king of plastics."


ptfe has excellent dielectric properties, excellent dielectric strength and arc resistance, low dielectric loss tangent, but poor corona resistance.


The remote plasma treatment technology for modifying the surface of ptfe with remote argon plasma is a new technology developed by researchers to treat organic materials with plasma. It has a significant impact on the treatment effect based on factors such as the discharge form, the shape of the reactor, and the location of the material.


The surface modification of ptfe film was studied by remote argon plasma, and the results showed that the surface of ptfe film was treated by remote argon plasma.

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