Wide application of UV resistant Teflon mesh belt


The Teflon mesh belt is made of glass fiber or Kevlar a […]

The Teflon mesh belt is made of glass fiber or Kevlar as the base material woven into a mesh base cloth and coated with excellent and high-quality Teflon resin. It is ultra-high temperature resistant, flat mesh surface, strong and wear-resistant, and stable transportation .



It is often used for high-temperature drying operations and UV-resistant operations.

For machines with high production requirements such as UV machines, we must pay attention to the quality of the mesh belt, otherwise the quality of the produced products will not pass.


Teflon mesh has V-resistant and non-UV resistant. Teflon mesh belts that are not UV resistant cannot be used in UV machines.

If UV resistance is required, black Teflon mesh belts must be used, because other colors of Teflon mesh belts are not UV resistant.


The mesh of the Teflon mesh belt is more conducive to the characteristics of ventilation, so the Teflon mesh belt is widely used in the printing and dyeing industry, such as the conveyor belt of the dryer.


UV-resistant Teflon mesh belts are widely used in various types of UV machines, mainly flat-curing UV machines, electronic general-purpose UV machines, PCB special UV curing machines, capacitive screen UV curing machines, low temperature UV machines, touch sensors, LCD photoelectric industry UV Machine, glass UV curing machine, three-dimensional irradiation UV curing machine, suction type UV machine at low temperature, general standard V machine, etc.

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