What characteristics of Teflon high-temperature cloth are used in the field of bakeware


At present, many baking plates on the market use Teflon […]

At present, many baking plates on the market use Teflon high-temperature cloth, why can Teflon high-temperature cloth be used in this field. Because the manufacturer is fancy with the anti-sticking and anti-sticking characteristics of high temperature Teflon cloth.

Characteristics of Teflon high temperature cloth:
1. Stable size, high strength and small elongation coefficient.
2. Good temperature resistance, continuous working temperature -70℃-300℃
3. The friction coefficient of the meter is small and the insulation is good.
4. Good anti-stickiness, non-burning, anti-aging.
5. Good corrosion resistance, resistant to various strong acids and alkalis.

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Teflon high-temperature cloth is excellent in anti-sticking, easy to remove oil stains and stains on the surface, and can be used repeatedly. Teflon high-temperature cloth is custom-made by the manufacturer. It can be arbitrarily cut according to the size of the oven to prevent oil stains from overflowing to the bottom of the oven during the grilling process and reducing unnecessary cleaning work. Teflon high-temperature cloth is safe, non-toxic, can contact with food, and has antiseptic function. Teflon high-temperature mesh cloth has high air permeability, which can improve the drying efficiency and can greatly save energy.

Teflon high temperature cloth has a high temperature resistance range, the highest temperature can exceed the conventional temperature, up to about 380 ℃. The stripping speed is fast, and it has made extraordinary achievements in the application of plastic steel, bag making machines, grinding wheels, solar energy and other applications.

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