The use of ptfe PTFE gaskets in glass lining machinery and equipment


ptfe tetrafluoroethylene gasket has appeared abroad a k […]

ptfe tetrafluoroethylene gasket has appeared abroad a kind of GORE-TEX polytetrafluoroethylene socket vulcanized rubber gasket, which is the raw material for expanding polytetrafluoroethylene into a firm and porous material, and GORE-TEX expanded rhinoplasty polytetrafluoroethylene Fluorobutadiene. The raw material maintains all the original characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene, and the cross-section is flat, which is softer than polytetrafluoroethylene plastic and has good characteristics of being smaller.


It is more suitable than general rubber products to use in some flanges with too low performance or glass enamel machinery and equipment. In addition, the vulcanized rubber gasket is supplied in a wide variety of pan-shaped packaging, and the required length can be extracted on the spot according to the details of the machine and equipment. During installation, the sockets are placed crosswise and vacated for a certain length, then they can be clamped.

The application scope of ptfe PTFE gasket GORE-TEX socket rubber gasket is as follows: working pressure to 20MPa, temperature -260~315℃. For the difficulty of sealing in industrial production, my country has also developed some asbestos gaskets. Here are a few examples to explain the following in detail: Asbestos resin plate gasket is made of blue asbestos and polyethylene epoxy resin, a kind of soft plate material cut from alkali resistant gasket, with high tensile strength and resistance The impact is good and the price is more affordable. The sample is boiled in 65% sodium cyanide for 1 hour, and the net weight hazard is 7.28%.

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