Related Application of Teflon Bakeware


Teflon high temperature mesh belt has temperature resis […]

Teflon high temperature mesh belt has temperature resistance, Teflon high temperature mesh belt has functions such as breathability.Teflon roasting discs are widely used in our lives, very convenient and widely used. Its application in our daily life is as follows
First:Application of Teflon roasting plate in food heating
1.Use scissors to cut the baking tray into the desired size and shape.
2. Place on the pot, plate or other container
3.Put the food on the baking sheet.
4. After the food is cooked, wait for the cooling to take out the baking dish and wash it with washing water.
5. Baking discs can be used repeatedly

Second:the application of Teflon baking discs in the oven gasket
1. Electric oven: Teflon bakeware can be placed on the bottom of the electric oven or on the grill below the zui.
2. Steam oven: Teflon baking discs are basically placed on the drying rack below the zui, and cannot be placed directly on the bottom.
3. As the pretreatment surface, the anti-sticking characteristics of Teflon baking discs can be used, and it can be used as a working surface table for processing dough.

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