Teflon high temperature cloth maintenance and its application range


After using Teflon high temperature cloth for a period […]

After using Teflon high temperature cloth for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned and maintained. The high temperature cloth surface can be directly washed with water first, then dried with a dry rag; timed to change the silicone oil on the surface of Teflon high temperature cloth; Fluorine high-temperature cloth can not be scratched when using metal objects; the rollers that are in contact with the surface of the high-temperature cloth should be wiped regularly to reduce the wear of the rollers on the surface of the high-temperature cloth.

Protection and maintenance are the key to making the service life of Teflon high-temperature fabrics reach a large value. In general, Teflon high-temperature cloth needs to change the oil in time for a year or so to ensure that the high-temperature cloth is in good working condition and reduce internal loss. Usually after the high-temperature cloth is used, it is necessary to close the power supply in time, and clean the surface of the high-temperature cloth for a period of time. When the demand for Teflon high temperature cloth is protected, it should be protected by professionals. Non-related personnel should not carry out to avoid unnecessary economic losses and safety accidents.

The main scale of use of Teflon high temperature cloth:
1. Heat sealing of food, medicine and plastic bags. It is used in food packaging plastic packaging industry heat sealing and cutting machine and high speed heat sealing machine.

2, various dryer drying cylinder appearance anti-stick treatment; bonding machine drying cylinder appearance anti-stick treatment; guide roller, pressure roller appearance anti-stick treatment; paper machine drying cylinder appearance anti-adhesive treatment PTFE product center in addition to molten alkali Outside the metal, PTFE is not corroded by any chemical agents.

3, all kinds of high temperature roller coating, heating plate, stripping workpiece.

4, chute, hopper, aviation mold and other padding paste, can also be used for the sizing machine drum, thermoplastic demoulding and other occupations, can be repeated, easy to replace.

5, suitable for other needs of anti-stick, corrosion and high temperature resistant surface treatment. Teflon high temperature cloth is characterized by its high strength and high temperature resistance, and its normal temperature resistance can reach 260 degrees.

6, Teflon high temperature cloth can be directly attached to a variety of large planes and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers), the operation is simple. Eliminating the need to spray PTFE data requires specialized equipment, special processes and the need to transport to a professional spray factory for processing and other restrictions.

Teflon high temperature cloth is mainly used in: insulation cladding of wire and cable industry, insulation fabric of electric oxygen industry, outer cladding of storage tank, friction surface fabric of guide rail, and also used for textile, food, medicine, wood processing, etc. As the insulation high temperature data, the department is also used in: color printing packaging machine, plastic weaving wire drawing machine microwave drying, various conveyor belts and clothing hot stamping and sealing packaging professional bag making machine, sealing machine hot pressing sealing end face and so on.

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