How to choose good raw materials for ptfe PTFE gasket


ptfe tetrafluoroethylene gasket has appeared overseas a […]

ptfe tetrafluoroethylene gasket has appeared overseas a kind of GORE-TEX polytetrafluoroethylene socket rubber gasket, which is the raw material that expands PTFE into a tough and porous structure, and GORE-TEX expanded polytetrafluoroethylene Ene.


The raw material maintains the original various characteristics of PTFE, and the cross section is flat, softer than PTFE plastic, and has good shrinkage characteristics. It is more suitable than general rubber seals to be applied to some flanges whose process performance is too low or glass-lined machinery and equipment. In addition, the rubber gasket is supplied in disc-shaped packages of various total widths, and the required length can be cut on site according to the specific conditions of the equipment.



When installing, place the interfaces crosswise and leave a certain length for compression. The application range of ptfe PTFE gasket GORE-TEX interface sealing tape is as follows: pressure to 20MPa, temperature -260~315℃. China has also developed some asbestos gaskets for the sealing problems in manufacturing.


Let me give a few details and introduce the following in detail: Asbestos resin plate gasket is made of blue asbestos and polyvinyl chloride resin, a kind of soft plastic plate raw materials, and the acid-resistant gasket is cut with high compressive strength and impact resistance. Can be good, the price is more cost-effective. The specimen was boiled in 65% sodium cyanide for 1 hour, and the net weight damage was 7.28%.

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