Characteristics and properties of PTFE membrane materials


Characteristics of PTFE membrane materials 1. High stre […]

Characteristics of PTFE membrane materials
1. High strength, good durability, fire retardant, self-cleaning and not affected by ultraviolet light, its service life is more than 20 years. 2. It has high light transmission, and the light transmitted through the film material is natural diffused light, no shadow is generated, and glare does not occur. 3. The reflectivity to solar energy is high, so the amount of heat absorption is small.

PTFE product performance

1. With high strength mechanical properties

The PTFE membrane with a thickness of only 0.80mm has a tensile strength that has reached the level of steel. The modulus of elasticity of the membrane is much lower than that of other building materials, which facilitates the formation of complex curved shapes. PTFE architectural membranes have excellent optical properties. PTFE architectural membranes have excellent optical properties.

It filters out most of the UV rays and prevents the interior from fading. It transmits up to 25% of natural light, and the light that passes through the film is naturally diffused, does not produce shadows, and does not cause glare, ensuring good color rendering, internal illumination and external light at night. Under the common illumination, the membrane structure forms a crystal clear translucent body with strong visual impact.

2. Has superior acoustic performance

Generally, the membrane structure has superior acoustic performance, which is almost transparent to low frequencies below 60 Hz. For structures with special sound absorption requirements, a membrane structure with a FABRASRB device can be used, which has a stronger sound absorbing effect than glass.

3. With excellent fire performance

The building membranes widely used in modern society have reached or exceeded the fireproof standards of France, Germany, the United States, Japan and China. They can meet the fire protection requirements and have excellent flame retardant and high temperature resistance.

4. With good thermal insulation properties

The insulation performance of a single-layer film is equivalent to that of a brick wall, which is superior to glass. As with other materials, the interior of the membrane structure can be adjusted in various ways.

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