Application of PTFE raw materials in energy and electricity


Products made of PTFE raw materials have always had the […]

Products made of PTFE raw materials have always had the title of "Plastic King", and they are not a good reputation. Because PTFE raw materials do have extraordinary performance, they are still used in wind power generation, solar power stations and thermal power plants. All energy supplies have irreplaceable effects.



1. Traditional electric energy
The traditional PTFE power source uses the corrosive steam of thermal power plants to become a major threat to the natural environment. The vapor filter made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plastic film reasonably reduces the smoke and dust emission; and shows more careful care for the heat exchanger system software and energy saving system software.


2. Pure electric vehicles
The oil crisis and environmental pollution problems are becoming less optimistic, and the development and design of high-efficiency, clean-up electric energy sources cannot be delayed. Lithium batteries using fluorine-containing lithium battery electrolytes can show a power that is 2 times higher than ordinary lithium batteries and 8 times higher than traditional zinc negative rechargeable batteries. In addition, it has a wider working temperature and an excellent safety factor.


3. Smart Energy
The polytetrafluoroethylene raw material (PTFE) used in substations is ensuring all normal transportation of power engineering and all normal operations of substations with excellent arc resistance, dielectric strength, low relative permittivity, and low dielectric loss.


4. Clean Energy
Solar power stations account for an increasing proportion of new energy technologies, and the solar panel back film immediately determines the life of solar panel components. Rechargeable battery back film coated with ZEFFLE on both sides has extraordinary anti-aging properties (cold and humidity, air drying, ultraviolet light), electrical equipment insulation, water vapor insulation, etc. The performance can be used for up to 50 years, which is significantly reduced Cost of electricity generation.

5. New Energy Technology
With the advancement of the concept of sustainable development around the world, wind power generation stands out and has become the most valuable renewable resource for industrial production, development and design. The ZEFFLE architectural coating applied on the blades and supports of wind energy generators, because of its excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, can effectively protect the blades and supports from corrosion by sand, cool sea breeze, and ultraviolet light. Its useful life.

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