Advantages of Teflon grilled plate


Teflon baking discs are made of imported glass fiber wo […]

Teflon baking discs are made of imported glass fiber woven various base fabrics, then coated with imported PTFE and processed by special processes. The performance of our Teflon baking discs has passed SGS food certification:

1. The anti-stickiness of the Teflon baking plate is particularly good, the surface is smooth, and it is not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface, and can be used repeatedly.

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2. Prevent oil stains from overflowing to the bottom of the oven during baking. The size of the Teflon baking sheet can be cut according to the oven.

3. The temperature range of Teflon grilled discs is high, the conventional temperature resistance is -70-260℃, and the maximum temperature can reach 400℃.
4. Teflon baking discs can be used in dishwashers, can contact food, and have antiseptic function.

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